I watched a lot of YouTube videos featuring Wings of the ISANG. Their first release was in 2011 and Stream of Consciousness is their first full length. On their Facebook page, they simply tag themselves as rock, but the band is so much more than that. Combining rock, shoegaze, post rock, and psychedelic, the album is dense and full of excellent music. Eleven songs gives you over an hour and a half of music, it’s almost like a soundtrack to a movie.


Each song feels like a separate act. There’s a definitive beginning and end, but each song flows with the next for a cohesive audio image. It’s easy to get lost in the melodies and forget where you are. While the majority of songs are instrumental, there are vocals on some songs. It’s kind of surprising when they appear because they aren’t expected. The base song length is seven minutes. With that amount of time, Wings of the ISANG are able to commit to every melodic idea and see it through to the end. If you listen to Stream of Consciousness in the background, you’ll probably get lost and forget which track you’re on. The album title is on point with the presentation of each track.

It’s really difficult to pick a favorite song because each one has its own unique personality. I seem to come back to “Wings” often. It creates an imagery of an open world that holds a lot of possibility. But as you listen to Stream of Consciousness, the song that speaks to you will emerge organically. Even though on the surface, Wings of the ISANG’s music seems simple, there are a lot of melodic lines that the band has to follow to completion. It feels like it would be easy to get lost when playing live.

Wings of the ISANG have created and release an immense and impressive album. There are few bands who have put forth so much music that still works a singles and as a single cohesive work. If you like any of the previously mention genres, you must listen to this release.

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