When DISQO VOLANTE emailed me about his upcoming release, I was curious. Mainly because I never heard of him before and was wondering what kind of music he made. After listening to “Pretend For A Day,” I was interested in hearing his EP. re: lit is unlike any kind of electronic music I’ve heard before – partially because DISQO VOLANTE is based in the US and his influences are slightly different from artists in South Korea and the arrangements are a mix between electronic and pop with bits and pieces of other genres.


re: lit begins with “Pretend For A Day” and accurately introduces DISQO VOLANTE. It’s an easy song to get sucked into. It starts with a pretty addictive intro with keyboards and drum beat before going into the first verse. The vocals fit the music perfectly. The verse structure is straight forward, but the variation of the beats to the samples changes the tone. There’s also a healthy dose of saxophone which adds a slight jazz theme. It fills the bridge of “Pretend For A Day.”

“LOVE GAME” goes towards electronic pop. A repeating keyboard sample centers the song, but all the other layered samples change the focus. About a third of the way in, “LOVE GAME” starts a chiptune-esque melody with DISQO VOLANTE’s vocals making an appearance. The mid-song breakdown is a little strange because it lasts so long. Going from the beginning to the midpoint of the song, it feels entirely different. There’s still the original theme, but its complexity increases a lot. Closing re: lit is “Never Said” which kind of pulls from both “Pretend For A Day” and “LOVE GAME.” It has the mid-song breakdown featuring saxophone which fits pretty naturally. The great thing about “Never Said” is that it sounds like it would work with a full band without a problem. The arrangement feels like a band is performing with synth accents.

After listening to re: lit, I’m pretty impressed. DISQO VOLANTE definitely has his perspective on music and it shows. Three songs is short for an introduction, but it works well. I’m not sure if a full length could follow the same trend because of the repetition, but re: lit is a great place to start.

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