I enjoyed Room306‘s at Doors a lot. In what seems to be normal fashion, at Doors received a remix album from artists like HAN, Kernelstrip, and Flash Flood Darlings. The great thing with these remixes is that they don’t go in the direction of changing the core tone of each song, but add a different perspective from each remix artist.


F.W.D.‘s remix of “Enlighten Me” is a perfect example. Switching the vocals and adding a melancholy arc to the existing melodies, “Enlighten Me” becomes more ambient. It reproduces what the original song was, but inserts new elements. DJ Magik Cool J‘s “Seems Like” remix actually brings the tempo down a bit. The original moved a good pace, but the remix is more of a relaxation song. Like “Enlighten Me,” the core song is obvious and the additions give it a more easygoing tone. I listened to at Doors Remixes mainly while walking and it fits that mood perfectly. Simply taking in the outdoors, the songs flow and add a perfect soundtrack to that feeling. JKuch‘s “Wood on Fire” might come across a little strange with the electronic breakdown, but the song still shines.

Kernelstrip‘s remix of “총총 (Period)” isn’t that far off from the original. He adds little extra samples throughout the song to give it more depth. It’s one of the easiest songs to fall into. The remix of “Tomorrow” by Bacty is great. From what I know about Bacty’s style, it has all the signatures that I’m familiar with. With big breakdowns, the original song is taken and translated into something new. My favorite song has to be Flash Flood Darlings’ cover of “Road Movie.” His voice is one of the most unique and it’s easy to recognize. What I enjoy is that he’s taking his perspective of the song through the cover. It’s not that different from the original, but even changing the vocals makes it come across different.

I really enjoy the remix albums that come from the electronic genre. Rather than just take a sample and create a song around it, the artists don’t lose sight of what the original track presented. The new perspective through the eyes and minds of these remixes shows their talent, but also the original talent that came from Room306.

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