When GRAYE told me that 75A had a new album, I got excited. What I didn’t know was that it’s connected to the recent book that was released. Regardless, I was very interested in where 75A had gone since their 2014 release, DAMAGED. What I got from 75A is exactly what I wanted. More of the unique sound from the group and a very different perspective on electronic music.


“Kinbaku (1155)” reminds me a lot of DAMAGED and works as a good introduction. “Blue Room” also has the same DAMAGED tone, but slowly moves away from that during the verses. “Blue Room” carries a more dynamic tone with a faster drum beat and separate rhythms that work against and with fuckushi oyo vocals. It’s really the combination of the two that make 75A so much fun to listen to. “Man Ray System” is the lead single and definitely is one of the highlights. It feels less like electronic music and more like downtempo R&B. fuckushi oyo’s vocals are perfect for this song. It comes across sexual through both the audio and definitely the music video.

As you move through 75A, the songs get even more dense. “Fake Diamond” follows a similar vein as “Man Ray System.” It’s less a layering of samples and more distinct melodies surrounded by simple percussion. “Fake Diamond” is one of my favorite songs on the album. The experimentation doesn’t stop. “Taipei” is spoken word over the instrumentation. Coming across much more stark, “Taipei” makes you listen to every word. I’m amazed at how much is accomplished on seven songs. 75A are definitely a special band. While they don’t release music that frequently, it might be better because it makes each release more special.

Whether 75A release the album separate from the book is unknown. But it would be sad if more people couldn’t hear the album. GRAYE was much more prolific with the different work he did and I’m always interested in what fuckushi oyo is doing because I like her voice a lot. Even if 75A only released an album every couple years, they would still be among the best releases that year.

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