Although I love indie music, I am not a person who listens to a whole album of an artist every time. And that is why I cannot fill up ten best albums in my list. However, I did my best to select my favorite albums and they are great albums. I listened to them more than ten times the first week after I bought them.

75A : 75A

I love fuckushi oyo’s dreamy voice. In the album, the voice embraces all the disparate sound factors and results in an amazing composition which is not complicated, but mysterious. Listening to the album doesn’t unveil the intended message, but smoothly drew me into the translunary mood where I could feel it myself.

18gram : Maze

I was attracted by the good harmony between instrumentals and the lyrics of this album. Together they describe the unstable, but gloomy mood of youth, which clearly shows the band’s color. The vocal, instrumentals, and even the lyrics are perfectly matched with the direction 18gram seeks.

Echae Kang : Radical Paradise

Listening to the album, I could experience pretty pictures coming up in my mind, bringing the stories the music intends to tell. The tracks are so various, colorful, and unpredictable that I was totally immersed, full of expectation, until the last track finished.

Billy Carter : Here I Am

This album is so much multifaceted. Tracks are classic, modern, vivid, rocking, bluesy, simple, and complex. The band shows their all the different aspects through these tracks of various styles and convinced me how talented Billy Carter is.

Dead Buttons : Some Kind Of Youth

In their youth, Dead Buttons gives a compelling and blooming mood through this album. They became more mature than previous EPs, but never got old. Tracks are well-organized and sophisticated, but still raw, rocking, and fresh.

Wings of the ISANG : Stream of Consciousness

Even though all the tracks are quite long, mostly longer than seven minutes, I never got bored, but rather concentrated more with the music flow. Each instrumental sensitively plays and altogether builds up good balance. On the stable playing layer, I could experience specifically crafted alternations which drew me deeper into the music.

DIEALRIGHT : Minor World

The overall mood is urban and modern, but not only about the bright side. The tracks include a little uncomfortable sounds like noises in the city, but it doesn’t really feel uncomfortable because the sounds naturally mix with other sounds and create a realistic city mood which largely flows in the album.