I’m not sure where I heard TwoFive first, it might have been a suggested page on Facebook. But when I heard the It Was Good, That Day, it reminded me of the best parts of punk rock. Meaning the sound of the band is simple, honest, and most of all fun. The six song does a great job of highlighting the talent of the band.

Starting with “It Was Good, That Day” you immediately get TwoFive’s style. It’s punk, with some small pop punk hints. But it doesn’t rely on over-the-top melodies that cast a shadow over the song, it feels like the band know exactly the type of music they want to play. As a three piece, they could have been limited in the over soundscape of their music, but TwoFive do a great job of keeping everything even. The instrumentals don’t overload the melodies and the vocals are mixed in while being slightly higher in levels.

Like most punk bands, the one issue that can come across is that the songs all have similar arrangements. This happens with It Was Good, That Day too. “Cheer Up” and “Once” have similar structures and hearing the song for the first time, you might not know which song your hearing. They are able to change things with “Daein-Dong Love.” It adds a prominent dual vocals and the song relies less on fast guitar riffs and finds a groove in the verses that lasts throughout the song.

TwoFive do a great job of highlighting their style of punk rock. With their last release from 2013, it’s good to see a band continue to make music. Punk rock fans will enjoy It Was Good, That Day. Even though it’s short with six songs, there’s plenty to enjoy.

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