From the first song on Diet Darling‘s Using My Lips, you get the feeling of laid back British garage rock. The tempo is relaxed, the guitar and bass plod with the beat, and the drums add little excitement to the overall song. But that’s where the enjoyment of the band comes from. It’s not trying to blast melodies into your head, but provide an excellent song that’s easy to groove to.

Even though Using My Lips is three songs, Diet Darling perfectly introduce themselves and their unique style. It’s easy to find the beat and get trapped in the audio world that the band is presenting. “Count With Your Lola” presents the essentials of Diet Darling. The three piece aren’t focused on dumping huge crescendos, but giving you music that fits a lot of moods. “Damage” is a bit faster than “Count With Your Lola” but still uses the same aspects. I like how the guitar and bass don’t simply follow each other, but add separate lines to the song. The drums also add the right amount of emphasis at the end of verses, but don’t feel the need to overpower the melodies.

The breakdown in “Damage” is simple, but highlights the best parts of Diet Darling. Ending with “Flower Garden,” Diet Darling present three sides of their style. Whether it’s the guitar, bass, or vocals that are the feature of the song, Diet Darling maintain their garage rock genre. There’s never a feeling of melodies being forced and the almost lazy presentation is one of the best aspects. The lack of hard distortion on the guitar also adds a good tone to the songs. This allows everything to feel fresh.

Diet Darling do more with their three songs than some bands can do with a full length. They have introduced themselves in the perfect way. Focusing on strong melodies and presentation, they make an impact and provide a unique sound that’s not too common with South Korean bands. The biggest hope is that there’s more music coming because three songs isn’t enough.

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