I got a vague message from Annie from Love X Stereo this morning to check my email. She shared news that Love X Stereo started a Patreon account for a new project. The duo’s plan is to release 37 new songs in 2017. To do this, they started a Patreon account to get the help of fans around the world.

There are ten different reward tier starting from $1/month up to $1000 which will get you a show if you back for four months straight.

While I think this is ambitious on a crazy level, it’s a perfect way to complete this project. It’s also time for fans to show their support.

Along with the 37 songs, each one will have its own video. Considering how long it took for We Love We Leave to release its two parts, 37 songs is going to be a marathon.

Become a Patreon Patron and show your support for Love X Stereo. They’re forging new territory and definitely deserve the support for all the work they do.

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