I listened to The Vane on passing a few times. It wasn’t that I didn’t plan on not reviewing Line, but I kept forgetting. When readers nominated The Vane as one of the best releases for 2016, I went back to see what I missed. I’m not sure about the background of The Vane. Their Facebook only mentions a single member, 채보훈, so I’m not sure if the rest of the band is session members.

Either way, Line is a strong five song melodic rock album. “Beable” presents an interesting introduction. It’s a slower rock ballad-esque song. The vocals sustain across verses throughout the whole song and gives the impression that the EP is going to be more large scale rock songs. Then “Beck” is much more customary rock. The faster tempos, the beat-following vocals, and large amount of distortion. It’s still highly melodic, but adds a more aggressive tone. I would go so far as to say “Beck” has a more commercial rock sound. It’s a great song and could fit a lot of ending show soundtracks.

Line’s five songs don’t follow the same trend which is good. Even though “Identity” slows the tempo to “Beable” levels, the arrangement is different. It’s a song that’s always building to the eventual crescendo in the chorus. The chorus is exactly what I expected. It’s a call-out chorus allowing the audience to follow along. The drums on “Identity” add a lot of power that the song needs. Throughout Line, it becomes obvious that the slower rock songs are the strength of The Vane. They bring out more emotion than songs like “Beck.” I think the danger to that is listeners can get fatigued of hearing the same style song repeatedly.

The Vane have a solid EP with Line. This being their first EP, The Vane have done a great job of showcasing their talent. Line is a little uneven with its slower song focus, but there’s a lot of potential with faster rock tracks. Where the band goes from here is unknown, but they’ve already gotten a lot of fans.

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