I saw Pre-holiday on Bandcamp and took a quick preview of “At This Time” before immediately buying the EP. Her voice was warm and deep and not what I was expecting. She classifies her music across a number of genres like neo-soul, electronic, synthpop, and triphop. I think these are all perfect classifications because the songs mix elements of each style. “At This Time” feels very much embedded in the soul genre with the electronic samples and verses building the foundation of the song.

The surprising thing for me is the depth of Pre-holiday’s voice. It envelops you in every song. “I will Find You” is simpler than “At This Time” with the arrangements forming more of a support for Pre-holiday’s voice. The song makes you get trapped by her voice. Also sung in English, it’s easier to follow. The slow tempo builds a landscape that you are dragged into. Table 6 does an excellent job of not being suffocating. The mixture of genres could have created bloated tracks, but the release focuses on Pre-holiday’s vocals. The stark style on “Worth To Lose It” works because of her vocals.

I think that might be the most surprising thing with Table 6. It doesn’t really sound like something that would come from South Korea. That’s one of the best strengths of the EP. You would have no idea that this is from a South Korean artist. Though on the EP, I would like to hear a song where Pre-holiday pushes her vocals. Each of the four songs is somewhat muted and sounds very comfortable for her. I wonder how powerful her voice can be if she wanted to.

There’s a lot to enjoy, even with only four songs. The mixture of English and Korean songs doesn’t take anything away from her songwriting abilities. It sounds natural in either language. It was almost a year between releases so hopefully a full length will come at some point.

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