There are few bands that can get a crowd worked up like Sons of Tiger. I’ve seen them live once, but watched a lot of live videos on YouTube. They focus on a blues rock mixed with garage rock style that honestly can’t be captured on a recording. It’s was only a little over a year between their self-titled EP, but I’m pretty sure they have a lot more songs than the ones recorded.

sons of tiger bottom of the heart

The four songs on Bottom of the Hear can easily get you dancing in your seat. The music is dynamic, finding grooves quickly, and presenting a strong melody that’s supported by every instrument including the drums. The attitude that flows from the songs never feels forced and the band always sounds like they’re enjoying themselves. Sons of Tiger are one of those bands that can bridge without anyone needing to understand the lyrics. The music is captivating and drags you inside.

Bottom of the Heart has a couple of guests. Yoosae Woo from The Veggers and CR Taegyu assist on three of the four songs. It doesn’t seem like they were vocal guests, but sat in to add instrumentals to the songs. The surprising thing with Bottom of the Heart is that it feels so much longer than four songs. Each one is at least four minutes, but the crafted improvisation keeps the rhythms and melodies pulsing without making anything boring.

I enjoy listening to Sons of Tiger. Since their start in 2013, they’ve only been able to release two EPs and it’s time for a full length. With that much music, they’ll be sure to draw the ears of people outside of South Korea and make an impact internationally.

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