One of my guiltiest pleasures is Sweet Revenge. Their indie pop rock is pretty standard without any extra frills. But overall their music is easily digestible and makes for good background music. I’m not sure what the band does full time, but it feels like they release something new once a year. For 2016, it was a two song single called Roman.


On previous releases, Sweet Revenge were big into pop rock. Their songs had faster tempos, a lot of energy, and kind of a simple, but addictive melodic line. More recently, the songs from the band are smoother, more easy going, and more “radio friendly.” I don’t consider this an insult to the band, but they’ve changed a lot over the years. While I wish they’d pull the energy from songs like “Rule Breaker” a little more.

“실컷 울다가 보면” is a low key indie pop track. It uses a stable mid-speed tempo with a big focus on the vocals. I think that’s a big thing for Roman, the vocals sit above the instrumentals. “실컷 울다가 보면” actually feels a lot like an OST song. It doesn’t use any big variations to the volume and even the chorus feels subdued. It’s a nice song, but can feel a little bland. “트랄랄라” has more energy and sounds more akin to a pop rock song. “트랄랄라” actually adds some variation to the verses and the chorus brings the song alive. The vocals are still a bit too polished and the added echo effects on the vocals makes them sound a little artificial. I believe that the band has a lot of talent. Throughout their releases, it feels like things have slowly been stripped away. With two singles in the past two years, I wish the band could release a full length and really get their name out there.

Sweet Revenge have talent which can be heard on each release. The question is what direction they’re going towards. It’s possible they’re doing everything DIY now which is why releases take so long. Hopefully they’ll be able to produce something that shows off all the years of experience.

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