Through their first music video on YouTube, I found The Light and Noise. The EP released online shortly after that. Listening to their music, I liked the straight forward rock and roll that the four piece played. Its core is rock and roll, but adds some garage rock and alternative elements within each track.

the light and noise irregular

Starting with “Mudang,” The Light and Noise don’t take any time to get into a groove. The guitars decide the core melodies with the bass and drums serving to support in the back end. “Mudang” contains a very short amount of vocals, but highlights the band’s ability to arrange an interesting track. “Wolmido Viking” is more melodic with a full serving of vocals. This song is different from “Mudang” because it’s got a indie rock style. The vocals match the rhythms and melodies of the guitars. They slide over the beat giving the track a smooth feeling. The lead and rhythm guitars add a lot of dimension to the song.

The Light and Noise continue this more indie rock throughout the rest of the EP. It’s like “Mudang” was made to grab your interest before transitioning to the core sound of The Light and Noise. “Younga Dabang” is a great slower melodic rock song. The slower tempo allows each beat to be digested. The vocals get more focus because the instruments serve more as the song’s guide rather than the primary feature. Closing irregular is “Airplane.” It follows “Younga Dabang” with a heavy focus on melody. I actually wish this song was higher in the song order because it might be the best song on the EP. It highlights pretty much every member in some way. “Airplane” is also a little more sparse comparative to other tracks which makes you listen a little closer.

For their first release, irregular does a great job to highlight what The Light and Noise is all about. The indie rock foundations comes forth a lot more than rock and roll or even alternative, which only really comes from “Mudang.” There’s a lot to enjoy. With the band being formed in 2009 and a couple of smaller compilation appearances, it’s great that they finally released something of their own.

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