Listening to The Cork‘s In Mind is like sitting in a field on a lazy, sunny day. The band plays a laid back indie rock style that feels lethargic. It’s not lethargic in the sense that it’s lazy, but soothing and calming. The four piece compose excellent songs that capture a specific emotion and vocalist 신의미‘s voice helps that message along.

I originally found them through Bandcamp, but it seems like they closed their account. In Mind is their second EP after an EP called 2015 released the same year. Starting the EP is “In Mind.” This is where the lazy feeling is first presented. The song has a simple walking pace for a tempo and the guitar, bass, and drums all serve to simply move from verse to verse. While it doesn’t sound like the members are working really hard, each element including the vocals gels together really well. “Overjoyed” has a slightly faster tempo, but uses a similar format to “In Mind.” The Cork’s signature is a clean guitar sound, a supporting bass line, and drums that add the majority of the accents. With the faster tempo, it’s a little easier to hear the purpose of the drums and bass.

What seems standard for this style of indie rock, there’s a simple vocal and guitar track. About half way through there is a little percussion and bass, but it lies under the guitar and vocals. “Gonna Cry” highlights the vocals and sounds like it’s wandering into coffee shop indie territory. It’s a good song for that style, but can get kind of stagnant. Completing the EP is “Know-How.” It’s the first song with any guitar distortion and actually has the exact sound that I’d like the band to explore more. The guitar riffs are more varied and the bass and drums are allowed to have a bigger presence. Vocals have more power on the track as well.

The Cork definitely show off different sides with these four songs. I’m not sure if there’s a cohesive standard in their music or they’re still experimenting with their specific sound, but they’re able to jump pretty easily. There’s a lot of talent here and it’s just a question where they’re going to go.

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