Relying on the literal meaning of the secondary title We were trying not to disturb you, I hastily assumed bbdTRIO‘s album would be very comfortable and easygoing music. However, I soon realized that I had been wrong. The album presents itself like it is a very simple food recipe on the surface, but once you take a bite you realized that it is full of luxurious ingredients and prepared with extraordinary skill.

bbdtrio we were trying not to disturb you

All of bbdTRIO’s seven tracks have beginning sections whose melodies and arrangements are not complicated. The vocalist also deadpan whispers on the largely blues and folk atmosphere. However, going further into the music, the performance becomes spectacular and more like rock, especially garage or punk with brassy sounds. Although it gives alternations into very different mood, the radical change doesn’t feel disconnected, because the change is very gradual on the basic initial melodic format. The tracks are never ostentatious or force any kind of impression.

I particularly like “Golden Boy” among the songs. Listening to the energetic instrumentals, which maintain the simple melodic layer with glamorous variations in between, I got to know what the second title really means. The band knew their music would not simply make listeners comfortable. The unexpected rocking alternations pop up as a beautiful development as each track surprises those who have been loosened up at the placid intros. The quick change could be a surprise to lazy listeners. However, these are happy and exciting provocations. Having gone through the album, I could read bbdTRIO’s cute pride in the subtitle: we know our music never fails to DISTURB you.

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