My Golden Age’s Fly Away is primarily two things: melodic and energetic. The band describes themselves as rock and that is the foundation of the music. My Golden Age also add a bit of pop punk and indie rock to their music as well.

my golden age fly away

It’s really like My Golden Age picked certain melodic standards for different genres and mixed them together. “Every You” is the best example of this combination. The verses have a indie rock style, the chorus sounds like pop punk, and the bridge is rock. As each genre is already closely related, nothing sounds out of place in the music.

“Stay” changes things by going into more of a melodic rock direction. The guitars, bass, and drums all get a little quieter next to the vocals. On “Stay,” the vocals are given the main highlight. It’s almost like a power ballad during the chorus. This track definitely gives the band a lot more depth than only playing fast tempo rock. The last track, “Fly Away,” actually sounds like a throwback to the early 2000s. It’s not a complex song, but if you have any familiarity with older Korean rock, you’ll probably hear something similar.

My Golden Age offer four distinct songs. Their introduction, “My Golden Age,” is kind of a misdirection because it makes you think the band is a pop punk act. But the three other songs all venture into different sub-genres and showcase the band in other ways. The way Fly Away is set up, it’s kind of confusing to know which style fits the best but it’s clear My Golden Age have the ability to go wherever they want.

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