From the start of Fog’s EP, I got an immediate feeling of No Respect For Beauty. Fog’s four song release, Rare Disease might follow a lot of the same post-rock conventions that are standard for the genre, but at the same time highlights a distinct voice within the genre.

fog rare disease

“a Daily Routine” slowly gets your ears ready for the music. The slow tempo introduction starts with guitar and a small crash cymbal embellishment. This continues by bringing in one of the foundations of the band – the bass guitar. There are usually two distinct voices between the bass and guitar. It’s only on certain verses that the two match. Otherwise, the melodies play out between both instruments. Like with most post-rock bands, the drums serve as the foundation between the melodies.

In Fog’s case, the drums never serve to only add volume, but highlight the ends of verses or a melodic line. Consider that among the four songs, two are at least five minutes and two are seven minutes. This provides Fog enough time to fully highlight each musical thought and even spend some time simply enjoying the audio space the band has created. While the EP uses slower tempos, there’s never a point where the music drags. In the case of post-rock fans, you’re not going to get a tighter or more precise release.

I only recently heard of Fog, but they are impressive. They’ve definitely harnessed all the elements of the genre to produce a strong EP. Even with this limited number of tracks, the band has its voice and can only improve with more time.

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