When Bullmochani showed up on Bandcamp, I had no information about who this was. Looking at the included info it turned out to be Noh Keo Hyun, bassist of Norwegian Wood and part of Puzzle. It seems like he had an interest in electronic music and created Bullmochani as a solo project.

bullmochani charge and pop

Charge and Pop as electronic music is interesting. It’s definitely apparent that the EP is full of Noh’s ideas and thoughts of electronic music. It makes the EP somewhat uneven with a small lack of cohesion. Charge and Pop has a lot to say and a lot of different audio statements. As a first release, it does have a definite point of view. Songs reach out to different electronic subgenres or even sound like complete experiments.

As Bullmochani, Charge and Pop is exploring the electronic music landscape. Noh doesn’t have an established sound yet and the EP makes it clear that it is being searched for. I’ll admit some songs do sound a little too experimental in the arrangement, making it difficult to find the core point of view but each track, as different as they are, show that Bullmochani is honing the musical attack.

Charge and Pop was a surprise. After hearing it and the story behind the release, it’s a good start for an artist exploring a different genre. It’s clear that this is a start of a musical journey, but the foundation is laid out and Bullmochani’s follow up should be even more impressive.

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