In the middle of a busy day, listening to Stella Jang’s album Colors really refreshed me. This EP includes four songs and three instrumentals, which are full of girlish inspiration. The lyrics and melodies aren’t too heavy nor shallow and exaggerated. That moderate and practical description of a girl makes these songs not stereotypical like so many songs these days about an idealized girl.

The overall mood is folk and acoustic. Although the melody layers and backing instrumentals are plain, the tracks are not boring but consistently fresh and bright with melodies like sparkling soda which perfectly mix with the stories in the songs. The lyrics sing real stories of a girl who refuses to give a fake and embellished image. Rather she talks about the real life of an ordinary girl who is under pressure of study and has agonies about love. She is not pretty and doesn’t live a dramatic life only full of beautiful stories.

However, she is very proud of herself. She actively appeals her love in the songs like “Colors” saying she wants to be the color her loving person likes. Meanwhile, she also has cute, immature aspect. In the song “Transfer,” she is resolving to become rich because she wants to afford to take a taxi not to come across her ex, transferring in the subway.

I like the lyrics of the tracks because they are frank. I also like the light instrumentals because the range is very suitable for being “girlish.” However, I want to see a little more grown girl in the next album of Stella Jang, because nobody can stay being a girl and a girl is supposed to go to the next stage.

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