Like usual, Nieah’s discovery came from Bandcamp or YouTube. R&B isn’t a big genre for me so I have to get hooked pretty early to keep listening. “Deja Vu” is a track that is essentially perfectly crafted. From the light melodic introduction to the start of Nieah’s vocals, “Deja Vu” makes you listen.

nieah timeless

Nieah’s vocals are sultry, warm, and move around on verses. It’s something that some singers lack which makes their music kind of repetitive. Nieah pushes the notes with force without coming across too strong. “Underline” featuring Jay Dope has a similar construction as “Deju Vu” but it’s Nieah’s ability as a vocalist that gives the song a different tone. You could actually copy/paste a lot of both tracks together and you wouldn’t be able to tell that much. Jay Dope’s guest spot is great because it breaks up the flow of the instrumentals. You listen to his verses because they stick out.

“Know Me” is the core of Timeless. Regardless of Rick Bridges’ long feature, “Know Me” is the song that allows Nieah to really showcase her vocal ability. The slow tempo lets her delivery exist for longer than a single beat. It’s also one of the times that it doesn’t sound like she’s got a lot of processing over her vocals. Closing Timeless is “Tell My Why” which I can actually see as the main single. The repeating chorus keeps you inside the song and the verses actually have some rhythm that other songs lack.

Timeless is a strong entry into R&B. Nieah definitely makes an introduction and she’s got a solid foundation. The question is if she’ll move outside this comfortable zone that Timeless created. I’d like to hear her move around and highlight herself within a slightly faster tempo or play with different rhythms. Timeless is a calling card and now I want to see what else she can do.

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