As an EP, My Reversible Reaction is interesting. “Ennui” sounds like a cross between a R&B, pop, and electronic song and uses a melody that’s slow and manipulated by different layers. The vocals have a wisp-like flow over the beat. It actually sounds like the vocals were simple to record, but I wonder how many effects were added. To start My Reversible Reaction, it might be the best way possible.

shin hae gyeong my reversible reaction

i know nothing about Shin Hae Gyeong. Purely the fact that the album released through YOUNG, GIFTED AND WACK made me believe I should give the release a chance. I do like how it’s a mixture of styles. There’s an ample amount of electronic overtones, but guitar, bass, and drums are readily available in each song. In some ways, My Reversible Reaction sounds like dream pop. “Downfall” comes across a bit like a dream pop song, but adds a weird interlude at the bridge. It’s possible that Shin Hae Gyeong uses multiple influences to craft each of the tracks.

The six songs actually provide a weighty experience. Songs aren’t particularly long, but with the complex tones, it adds a lot of weight to each verse. A lot of times, My Reversible Reaction sounds like other genres making a presence in the electronic genre which is a weird way to experience the music. “Danae” reminds me of indie pop, but the added electronic flourishes give the melody more room to explore along with the vocals.

Shin Hae Gyeong is someone that came out of nowhere for me. I trust YOUNG, GIFTED AND WACK a lot and give anything they release a good listen. My Reversible Reaction is definitely a strong addition to their library and a great artist of the genre that people can experience.

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