Heeseong’s Frii is a 17-minute EP of cool, meditative electronic tunes bathed in gentle reverberation and hushed vocals.  Songs are constructed from loops of syncopated beats, irregular snares, and minimalistic keyboard melodies.

heeseong frii

The intro begins with Heeseong’s soft voice leading into blooming synthesizers.  It builds in a layering fashion, introducing new effects after a certain amount of repetition and then removing them again as the song nears its closing.  “8198 (Junkcar)” is an instrumental piece anchored around simple piano motifs and a fluctuating, yet surprisingly weighty beat. “Remain” once again brings the focus on the vocals, with a melancholic air and slow, heavy pulse.  The vocal line is suspended in between echoing electronic notes.  

“Dawnmorning” approaches a piano ballad, bathing in its quietly resigned atmosphere.  When Heeseong’s voice rises beyond its lower registers, the song achieves, in its latter half, an emotional peak of sorts.  Finally, Frii’s outro is perhaps the most optimistic-sounding track on the release; it is a little quicker and more skittish than the songs that preceded it, ending with a shimmer of synthesizers.

Frii supports the maxim that less can be more.  With a simple palette, Heeseong paints a delicately moving picture that will entrance those who seek out a more soothing listen.

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