South Korea’s punk rock scene has a lot of varied and diverse bands. Look and Listen have been a part of the community for some time. Look and Listen isn’t their first full length, but it might be a reintroduction for the band since it’s possible that most people won’t know them.

look and listen

The base of the band is punk rock. There’s also a bit of garage rock mixed in. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Look and Listen are a pop punk band, but their melodies certainly border on the genre. What separates them from the pop punk genre is that their arrangements are solidly built in the core punk rock style. With ten songs, you get a good variety of tones from fast poppy punk rock to slightly slower tempo songs like “Fight Back.”

A common factor with Look and Listen is that the songs can and will blend together. This isn’t a fault of the band, but rather a facet of the genre. The band provides a great variety of tracks, but if you don’t give the music you’re full attention then you might be a couple tracks further in the album before you even realize it. Look and Listen have a very addictive sound so that’s usually never a problem.

When it comes to punk rock bands, I’ve yet to really hear one that disappointed. Look and Listen are definitely a fun punk rock band to dive into. The genre continues to grow and the only difficulty is finding the bands. Look and Listen have previous releases, but their self-titled full length might be the perfect place to start.

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