Flush’s five song debut is essentially the core of punk rock in South Korea. It’s loud, distorted, and the quality is kind of crappy. But what always comes through is the energy and passion of the band. Flush is no different with the screaming vocals, accompanied chorus, and fast songs.

flush for our belief

Most songs don’t even break two minutes which is one of the things I love. Flush gets through the verses and chorus by sprinting while still keeping a strong grasp on the melody and keeping everything interesting. ”For Our Belief” may sound simple or very raw with the recording (almost demo level), but the emotions that come from each song are what keep things alive.

I don’t even know what’s being sung on the songs. The dreaming vocals are difficult to understand, but you definitely that there’s a story being told. The guitars love distortion, simple chords, and movement with the bass and drums providing the much needed structure around tracks. Even though it’s possible to get through the EP quickly, there’s something about it that makes you want to listen to it multiple times. Punk fans might have a new favorite.

“Keep The Hardcore” closes out “For Our Belief” and it feels like the song that Flush is most proud of. As a newer hardcore band, they’ve captured the genre and definitely know how to present it recorded. I can only imagine how much crazier it gets during a live show.

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