With a name like The Tippler, I expected a lighter, more direct rock and roll band. But The Tippler destroy any of those conventions with “Holyparanoia” on Wasted Whale Blues. The band sounds like a mix of blues, rock, and garage rock. They don’t focus on a specific genre, but pull elements where it’s required.

the tippler wasted whale blues

Going from “Holyparanoia” to “Plantation” is like losing 30 or 40 beats with the tempo. It sounds less rock, almost shoegaze with blues elements inserted during the verses. The chorus definitely displays the band’s fondness for blues. What makes The Tippler unique is that among other blues or psychedelic band, they are able to craft a unique signature. It’s not relying on blues, but utilizes the genre’s conventions.

It’s surprising what the band is able to accomplish with five songs. The EP is another dense release. “Plantation” and “Loyal Lobbyist” both break six minutes, giving Wasted Whale Blues some audio meat. Rounding out Wasted Whale Blues is “Sun is up” which is a brighter, more blue recognizable style track. It’s the song that’s easiest to digest. Then closing the EP is “Lily Glass” which sounds like a song you’d hear in a jazz club. “Lily Glass”’s melody and groove stand out just because it’s so different from other songs.

The Tippler are an interesting band who use genres to create great songs. I wonder how the band sounds like because some songs sound like the band could play with improvisation. I think there’s a lot to like with Wasted Whale Blues. There’s a strong foundation set with the EP and lots of directions the band can go.

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