When listening to ballad rock bands, I always worry that the music will get overbearing with melodies that are too dense and vocals that love to go over multiple verses. When I watched FromDear’s live video, I thought it might be possible they would go in that direction. But after giving them a chance, I realized that the band’s melodic rock is tightly polished to highlight the best aspects of each member.

fromdear frame

“From Here to Here” is a melodic ballad rock song. There’s not another way to accurately describe it because of the slow verse crescendo that works over multiple verses until a guitar solo highlight. It’s almost like they didn’t want you to get to the chorus yet. Vocals on “From Here to Here” hold the track together and in the second verse the female accompaniment give the vocals a nice backup surrounding the male vocals. This track is essentially all about build up, but seems to hit a ceiling that it can get through.

“Frame’ is more of a proper track with the verse to chorus arrangement. There’s definitely a bigger push of instrumentals with piano making a good presence here. It fits in parallel with the vocals. FromDear really seem to enjoy giving their tracks an operatic feeling. The last two tracks are instrumentals of “From Here to Here” and “Frame” which give you a good idea of the work that goes into the construction of FromDear’s tracks. As a comparison to the tracks with vocals, it’s interesting to hear how much support the instruments provide.

FromDear have both strong vocals and excellent instrumentals. Over the three songs, I do feel like the heavy ballad style is extending the songs a little more than they need to be. But as a first single, there’s a lot to be impressed by. They’ve taken a genre and come out with a unique sound. I do think that FromDear need to expand a bit to give listeners a chance to rest, but the next release could blow Frame out of the water if arranged correctly.

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