What can be said of Code Kunst’s Muggles’ Mansion, other than it’s an impressive Hip-hop album. After the skippable “Artistic (Intro),” the album ramps up and never stops. This is partially though the amazing instrumentals, Code Kunst’s own work, and the many guests that make appearances. Muggles’ Mansion makes a point with “Perfume” featuring Nucksal and it only starts there.

code kunst muggles mansion

The main strength of Muggles Mansion is the variety. When I listen to Hip-hop, it needs to grab my attention pretty quickly or I’ll skip to the next song. The addition of guests on the songs gives a new air of originality all the time. It keeps things fresh because you’re not listening to the same song structure or vocal timing over and over again. Most people will come through “Fire Water” featuring G. Soul and Tablo. I can’t deny the excellence of “Fire Water,” but I don’t think it’s the strongest song.

I think that award would go to “Don’t Shoot Me MAMA” featuring Car, the Garden. It’s the last track on Muggles’ Mansion, but could have easily been one of the singles. There are only a few songs that don’t have a guest so you don’t have to worry about any repetition. The album does show how some artists can fit better on guest spots than others, but other all there’s not as miss. Muggles’ Mansion is 15 tracks with an intro, outro, and interlude so there’s plenty of music to digest.

As someone who listened to Code Kunst on occasion, I feel like now I need to go back and hear everything else he’s done. Muggles’ Mansion is an amazing album not just for Hip-hop, but overall. It’s got plenty of strong singles and high production value that helps make every track stand out.

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