Han Heejung used to be a daily listen back in the early days of listening to Korean music. Her albums and EPs contained great tracks, mainly pushed by her excellent vocals. It’s been a while since I heard anything from Han Heejung and then Notate kind of appeared out of nowhere.

han heejung notate

What Notate sounds like is an acoustic best of album of her songs. It’s not a really surprising sound though. Some of Han Heejung’s tracks were just vocals and guitar. Notate simply focuses that into ten songs. I can imagine that some people might not know of her, but her vocals are unique. Acoustic arrangements of her songs might be the best way to hear them because of the clean and pure sound that comes forth.

The band versions of these tracks are good too, but when the song relies on Han Heejung’s voice as the primary melody and the guitar simply providing structure, you get dragged into this world. It does seem like she has songs from every single one of her releases. This gives Notate a kind of timeless quality. This is partially because while each release had a common theme, Han Heejung’s vocals were all presented with the same precise tone.

I’m not sure what the reason behind release Notate was. If there was going to be another release, I would think that she would release an album of new songs. But Notate might be the best presentation for her because after going quiet for a time, this album proves she hasn’t lost anything.

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