After listening to The Vane’s Line, the core big rock style came through easily. The songs might not be rock operas, but there are multiple layers to every song. With Round, The Vane essentially continue that tradition which is expanded to ten songs. For The Vane fans, this will be exactly what you want, but otherwise people might get a little overwhelmed with the denseness of every single song.

the vane round

One of the common features of The Vane songs is that they enjoy slower tempos along with big melodic flourishes. There’s not a song on Round that doesn’t use either one of the characteristics. This isn’t a negative towards the band, but something that sticks out with every beat. In some ways, it feels like The Vane is trying to create a single with every track instead of letting songs live in different levels. “Alone” and “Round and Round” live in the same universe while “Windsurfer” speeds the tempo up slightly without really changing much. It’s a very engaging song, but doesn’t feel much different from other tracks.

The vocals are strong and have weight. They adapt to each song well and really understand how to flow along with the instrumental melodies. If there’s a weakness, it’s the fact that they also follow a similar presentation with each track. It feels like the verses can differ, but the choruses are half-time to the tempo with flourishes. This repetition can actually lead to forgetting which song you’re on. Listening to Round from beginning to end, if you zone out, you could be three or four songs further in and not realize it.

Round is a good album. The release contains a lot of good songs. The issue is that there’s a repetitive feeling within the ten songs which makes the album weaker as it plays. Part of this could be the similarity between many of the songs which as singles are really strong. The Vane might be better off releasing EPs rather than a full length because I feel like the power the album presents gets weaker over time.

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