The Barberettes are in a class to themselves. It doesn’t matter the fact that they sing do-wop or have some of the best melodies of any group. What makes The Barberettes so special is that they take every verse and beat seriously. Their first album was a surprise with the polish and presentation of their signature sound. When their second album came out, I thought it would be more of the same, but it sounds like they’re much more comfortable and don’t necessarily need to live within one specific style.

the barberettes

“Like I Do” is more of a reintroduction if you didn’t remember The Barberettes. But “Love Shoes” featuring Stuart Zender might be the best combination of their vocals and a slightly differently instrumental. While it’s more of a pop-friendly combination of doo-wop and pop, it’s still able to highlight the strength of the trio. It really reinforces the vocal ability of the members and how they can transition between genres without any problems.

Still, The Barberettes are a tribute to the 1950s doo-wop groups and they don’t forget that at all. I do think there’s a brighter sound with the second album. Whether this is through a different recording and mixing, The Barberettes have a cleaner sound where every melody pops and the accompanying instrumentals are easier to hear.

The Barberettes will impress anyone who listens to it. It shows an expertise on melody, songwriting, and collaboration that’s immediately noticeable. There are very few bands like The Barberettes. There are even less who can capture the sound of an era and bring it forward without overwhelming it current sounds and styles. This is an album that simply shows one of the highest levels of musicianship possible.

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