I don’t remember when I started listening to Sleeq regularly. I had heard a few of her singles, but it wasn’t until Colossus that I really started paying attention to her style. Considering the vast expanse of different Hip-hop artists, Sleeq sticks out for a couple of reasons. She doesn’t present a persona that overshadows the music and she makes the most of every beat in every song.

sleeq colossus

What sticks out on Colossus is that Sleeq has a presence on every single track. But it’s not about coming across as a “bigger than life” presence. If anything, her vocal style is concentrated. It follows the beat, breaking it up to use every moment to its fullest. “Rap Tight” is that perfect example. The backing track does little in terms of melody and spend more time keeping a rhythm. It’s Sleeq’s nonstop presence that makes the track so engaging. It sounds like she’s almost out of breath at the end of every verse. She also makes the most of guests like Jerry.k and Don Malik. And unlike many guest spots that overshadow the artist, Sleeq is more than able to keep up.

But she’s also not a single style performer. “Toothache” featuring Wilcox is a R&B-forward track that sticks out as another strong single. I know that Sleeq isn’t messing around when she’s moving around the beat and I think the fact that she’s working the beat, it makes every track much more engaging. I can’t think of any track that feels simply as a filler. Colossus is pretty much a perfect Hip-hop album from start to finish.

Sleeq doesn’t have a huge discography, but every thing she’s released is impressive. As a 2016 release, it could have gotten buried alongside releases dealing with the music competition shows. But this might be one of the best releases that didn’t get noticed.

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