Yeonhee Dabang’s EP 신축빌라 was promoted by her label a good amount so I kind of knew who she was before I listened to her EP. It’s been a while since I listened to a strict singer-songwriter. Focused on Yeonhee’s vocals and acoustic guitar, the EP could be considered a little boring. I think what makes 신축빌라 engaging is how she doesn’t let the songs remain cut-and-paste. Her delivery on different verses makes the songs kind of funny.

yeonhee dabang 신축빌라

Honestly, if you’re not a fan of this style of music, there’s little to keep you engaged. She does have a lot of talent on her guitar and manipulating the melody to fit the guitar and her voice together. The singer-songwriter style can be a bit cut and paste, but Yeonhee does a decent job of providing as variety inside her EP. “야설 (夜雪)” is one of those tracks.

I do think that her use of a “cute” style can take away from the songs and “동동” is an example of that. While it’s got a great melody, it feels tired by the end of the first verse. I like Yeonhee’s vocals a lot, but it never really feels like there’s anything new. Overall the EP is solid, but might be better suited towards a more mature or serious style. The cute songs are good as one-offs, but overall I get tired of hearing it.

신축빌라 is great for acoustic indie fans, I don’t think it’ll speak to many others though. If you’re looking for coffee shop style music, this is a great example of that. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere for something more engaging.

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