Getting introduced to Yaeji through a music video is probably the best way to go. It presents an entire audio and visual image of the music and style behind her unique perspective on music. After that video, I was curious on what her follow up to it could be and that was her self-titled EP, Yaeji.


It’s hard to describe this EP. It’s a mix of electronic, down tempo, chillwave, and attitude. In many ways, it sounds like Yaeji simply made music that she was interested in. She has plenty of contemporaries in South Korea who envelop themselves in the style. But like all electronic artists, she still has a very individual style that comes out on every single song. “Noonside” is the first track and does an excellent job of being the introduction to her style. The beat pulses like a heartbeat with a short pulse that adds some structure. Her vocals sound more like she’s talking in your ear rather than singing and she also manipulates it in different parts of the track.

“New York 93” was a previously released track, but most people might have missed it. It’s got an interesting sultry and warm tone like she’s trying to seduce you in a very direct way. While the beat is slow, her vocals move through the verse quicker. The mix of English and Korean lyrics work really well on all her songs and never feels forced. “Feel It Out” might be the most “club” friendly with a paced tempo and layered samples that make you feel like you should be moving.

I’m most confused by “Guap.” Not that it’s a weird song, well it’s kind of weird because I don’t know the significance of the word but the song follows a similar structure as “Feel It Out” while still coming across differently. To close the EP, “Full of It” sounds like something GRAYE would have created. The track feels like it’s on the tip of the beat to move forward as much as possible. If it started Yaeji, it would actually give the EP a different feeling overall.

I don’t know anything about Yaeji, but this EP shows that she’s a talented musician. Yaeji comes across as an EP made for herself and didn’t need to prove anything. The fact that people are enjoying it means that it’s speaking and connecting well. The five songs on the EP are great and give you a good amount of music. If she continues with her perspective, she’s going to be an amazing outlier both in South Korea and the United States.

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