I feel like I haven’t hear GOGOSTAR in years. Their earlier releases were frantic, high energy dance rock albums that loved addictive melodies. Coming back to the band with Yangyang, I’m not sure if the band has matured or is looking to slide back into music with a slightly more subdued EP.

gogostar yangyang

“Yangyang” continues the overall recognizable sound from GOGOSTAR. There’s a lot of keyboard synth and noticeable drums which is how I think about GOGOSTAR the most. But “Yangyang” almost feels like it’s saying goodbye than hello. In terms of the electro-pop rock that they’re known for, it’s more on the level of Bye Bye Badman’s electronic indie rock. “Fantastic Her” captures the recognizable sound of GOGOSTAR a little bit, but lacks the limitless energy I’m used to. “Fantastic Her” is more polished and precise. The subdued energy actually makes it easier to appreciate everything going on.

“Zorg” feels more like GOGOSTAR but still has the same muted tone that previous songs had. I know what they can do live and “Zorg” feels and sounds like the band recorded at 65% of their potential. I wonder if the recordings were over-mixed which has happened to bands before. “Vintage Love” is your 80s electronic pop throwback. If you like the style, then you’ll enjoy the track.

I wonder what GOGOSTAR has been up to between releases. They were one of the best live bands to watch and previous releases had the same level of energy. Whether they’ve grown up bit or they’re polishing their music to a higher level, they’ve got the talent and have proven it already. Now it’s about getting their music into the ears of a lot more people.

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