The word “steady” and “force” seem to be disharmonious each other but it is not the case when it comes to art. These two powers can drive an artist to reach their culmination. Likewise, on the tracks of the new album Steady With Force, I could feel the steady driving force of Hellivision.

hellivison steady with force

All seven tracks are only instrumentals and quite full of improvisation. While having a firm basic layer of a subject in each track, the performance proceeds like an imaginary rollercoaster moves through a mountain range where it is almost impossible to expect what to come in the next pass. That uncertainty did not feel uncomfortable since I was ceaselessly faced with new alternations, which made me more immersed into the music.

The titles also got me out of my frame of comprehension. They are all some words like “context” or “intrusion.” These simple titles ironically gave me more room to think about their meanings in a new range. Although the longest song “context” is my favorite, I still cannot define the correlation between the title and the music. However, the ambiguity in the title of the storming musical performance allows me to search the meaning more freely in my imagination.

Hellivision consists of three members of guitar, drum, and bass. Each instrument sounds independent, but together they build up a solid structure. Similarly, their music is a mixture of different genres like Jazz, punk, psychedelic, and rock, which never crumble but massively intertwine with each other. This musical compound is not silky but the roughness rather emanates their unique power and aesthetic.

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