I feel like it’s been forever since I heard Oh Hee Jung, but she released Freckles in 2016. For some reason, Freckles didn’t connect with me like her previous albums did. But once I started listening to Short Film, everything that I loved about her style came back.

oh hee jung short film

Short Film is an electronic indie pop EP. The instrumentals of each song are electronic, but Oh Hee Jung’s voice make tracks stick out. From her first electronic album to Short Film, it’s clear that she knows the mechanics of the possibilities of electronic music. The manipulation of the vocals on “Killer” show that off really well. She’s also able to layer so many melodies on top of one another without any of them becoming muted.

Short Film also feels really fresh from other music released this year. “My Place” harnesses Oh Hee Jung’s voice really well and the drum samples give the track an indie pop rock feel. I do wonder if she’s able to recreate the same instrumentals when playing live. I really want to see how her songs translate to a performance. I feel like Short Film is a great refresh into a lot of genres and music from South Korea in general. It shows the evolution of a member of a rock band going solo in the electronic genre while improving exponentially through each release.

Short Film may be short, but it contains the most impressive tracks so far. It’s an easy release to get into, but requires repeat listens to appreciate everything going on. As her discography grows, Oh Hee Jung is going to have a lot of very strong albums.

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