It’s been a long time since 11’s last release. Long enough that I had to go and listen to that release to see what changes she might have made. Transparent Music is a piano-driven album that’s making a strong point through collaboration.

11 transparent music

“skating” makes this point through the combination of piano and drums. The two speak in rhythms, but on the track the melody is a little less important because it’s about the use of space. To describe Transparent Music in a world would be piano. It’s the core of every part of the album. You could even describe the album as contemporary. Since the music is centered around the voice of the piano, you get sucked in quickly and 11 makes it obvious that you’re now in her world.

The tracks on Transparent Music are different based on if the piano is accompanied by drums. The track list arranges the music so you’re not sure what you might hear. I do feel like Transparent Music is a soundtrack to something. Each song fits a different mood and with ten songs, there’s a lot of ground that can be covered. The overall tone might be a little melancholy, but the music is really enjoyable to listen to. Hearing the audio story told by the piano is amazing. Tracks don’t use a heavy amount of repetition so it always feels like it’s moving forward.

The perspective that 11 takes on Transparent Music is very different from other music I’ve heard recently. She’s a talented pianist and the songs she composed are excellent. Piano is usually a supporting player in most music, but it’s the star for 11. Definitely take a listen and enjoy this amazing album.

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