When you think about blues in South Korea, there aren’t a lot of bands that come to mind quickly. But there is one that everyone should know about and that is Lowdown 30. Their interpretation of blues is close to the standard, but little accents and moments brings the individuality of the band to the front.

lowdown 30 b

B is the band’s latest release. It feels like it’s been years since the last time Lowdown 30 had original music, but they get right back into the groove with little problem. “On the Cold Street” eases its way into the recognizable voice of Lowdown 30. The tempo never hurries and the beats are deliberate and carry weight. On B’s nine songs, you’re getting a large amount of music and a lot of audio space from the different themes.

There’s always a fresh tone from Lowdown 30 and they enjoy taking their time. “Hotter” feels like the title. It slowly builds over each verse and the excitement grows. If there’s one thing to be aware of is, if blues isn’t a style that you enjoy, B might get a little boring. There are a lot of excellent songs for sure like “Why?” and you shouldn’t be dissuaded just because of the genre. Even though there’s been time between releases, Lowdown 30 still claim a high place among Korean blues rock bands.

B is an excellent album with strong tracks. The album is a display of talent and experience. Lowdown 30 don’t need to try to impress anyone with their music, they just take the genre and caress amazing melodies and tones from each note. If there’s an album to sit back and enjoy, it’s B.

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