I’ve only heard theoria. through remixes. I wasn’t really sure what to expect on PREFAB other than it would be some aspect of electronic music. I wasn’t disappointed with the EP. It’s very polished and tight instrumental electronic music that doesn’t let a beat go to waste.

theoria prefab

For some, it might sound like random noise. “EVP (Circles)” reminded me of that possibility very early on. Even though there’s a strict layout of each beat and sample, someone listening casually might just think it’s some weird background music. theoria. goes beyond that by not letting the tracks get stagnant. The melody moves through different samples and is guided by the percussion samples. You don’t go towards fully melodic electronic music, but more of a crafted audio experience.

“Do you see me” is about the atmosphere and world that you stepped into. The repeating and manipulated voice samples give the track a weird science fiction tone. If there’s anyone that could be considered somewhat close, it would have to be KIRARA who uses beats, tone, and samples to craft unique tracks. Working through prefab, it feels like the EP shouldn’t be listened to in one sitting, but broken up over a day. Even when featuring GRAYE on “Don’t work too hard” it doesn’t stray that far from the core theoria. style.

prefab is another example of how diverse the electronic genre is in South Korea. While the music might be too experimental or focused on tones rather than melody, it’s definitely worth the listen just to be educated about the genre. If you find the music to be too weird, give it some time and listen to one track at a time and you’ll start to hear the genius behind the arrangements.

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