Listening to Isle Seong is almost like listening to a dream. The title Half Awake describes the music very well. Even though the music is bright and upbeat, it sounds almost like it’s presenting a window into a different world.

isleseong half awake

To describe Isle Seong’s style would be pop rock and that shows strongly with “Half Awake.” It’s an even tempo song that moves at a comfortable pace while highlighting the vocals and melodies. Even with the noticeable percussion, it doesn’t overpower the lighter tones. He moves into indie territory on “Sweater,’ with a very simple rhythm that is directed by his vocals and supported by the instrumentals and what sounds like multiple layers of background vocals. It sounds simple at first, but there’s a lot going on with the instrumentals.

“Sea Fog” is a little more rock than other songs. But still comes across a little ballad-like even with the pop rock chorus. Isle Seong definitely loves strong melodies and shows that off on Half Awake over and over. Closing the single with “Utopia,” he definitely shows off his strengths with melodies and indie rock style songs. What’s strange is that even though the songs all live in the same genre and very close in construction, each one has a unique voice.

I didn’t know anything about Isle Seong before listening to Half Awake, but he does make great music. It’s uses a mixture of styles to present itself, but in some ways sounds like a relative to Nell’s vocals highlights. It’s a good single, but like most singles it only showed off one aspect of Isle Seong and could use some more variety on the next release.

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