Listening to Enosh’s Causa Blue, I get the feeling of melancholy. it’s not an entirely sad feeling, but there is a wanting in the music. A mixture of electronic samples and live instruments, these nine songs are a perspective into Enosh’s mind.

enosh causa blue

What sticks out prominently is the strength of the melodies that Enosh creates. He enjoys layering tones on top of each other to create an electronic and indie rock presentation. Even within this audio world, he’s still experimenting like on “Can you love a whore?” It combines the essentials of Enosh’s style with new elements. He also sings in both Korean and English, but it doesn’t give tracks different tones.

Causa Blue does sound like a journey towards finding the core of Enosh’s voice. He does a good job of writing and arranging solid songs even though here and there the balance of tracks is off. As the foundation, there’s so much potential in his songwriting and vocals.

The release sounds very much like a demonstration of the core of what Enosh wants. He comes across a little like eAeon, but still has some time to grow with experience. I think Cause Blue is a strong album. The only problem is that each song is like a wave. They present a new sound, but ultimately have similar arrangements.


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