i’ve gone back and forth with FreD. This is mainly because I wasn’t sure if I found the music engaging or I was constantly missing something. With only three songs, it has to grab you very quickly and on Express Emotions, it feels like it takes its time regardless. I don’t know if “Deep City Life” is a song or more of an introduction, but it sounds like the beginning of a movie which serves a good path to the single.

FreD express emotions

I’m not sure if I would classify FreD as post-rock or shoegaze, but “Raindrops” definitely has the elements for the genres. The drum set really provides the border for the song with the guitars adding a little bit of structure. I’m not sure if it’s a heavily distorted bass or keyboards that add emphasis during each verse. It’s kind of a hard song to decipher strictly based on the instrumentation. The over five minute play time provides plenty of time for FreD to make a musical point and does a great job of it.

“My Place My Space” closes out Express Emotions very cleanly. It still follows the style as the two songs previous, but actually feels like a track to close out an album. It’s a little more sparse and doesn’t include drums to give it a more ethereal tone. It’s only three and a half minutes long, but definitely feels longer due to the arrangement.

I’m curious who FreD is. The music is like a soundtrack, but uses shoegaze and post-rock influences to give the songs a lot of depth. Listening to Express Emotions is like swimming in the ocean and seeing a cave, but only going a couple feet past the entrance. There’s a whole world of FreD, but you only get a small preview.


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