It’s been so long since I’v heard Demicat. After a long absence, he returns with a new EP Oredorok. Compared to his earlier works, there have been changes, but he still crafts songs with a perspective that’s entirely his own and uses rhythm and samples like a master chef, adding the perfect amount of sound to craft classic tracks.

demicat oredorok

“Kai-Wha” as the start confused me a little as I forgot what Demicat’s core sound was. Oredorok is strong with five songs. As I continued to listen to “Kai-Wha” I began to get back into what I enjoyed about his music again. It’s smooth even when adding layers of samples on top of each other. Sometimes samples are abrupt, but all serve to push and mold the melody. Unlike some other artists, every beat sounds fresh and doesn’t just endlessly repeat unnecessarily.

I have to say that “LIGHT” featuring Neon Bunny is my favorite track. The pair worked together before and there’s something special that comes out from their collaboration. Demicat’s instrumentals are a perfect fit for Neon Bunny’s soothing vocals. The track supports and holds each artists’ strengths up without a problem. “BLUE” featuring DUVV also does the same thing. I like Demicat’s instrumentals a lot, but with vocals they come alive even more.

The absence of Demicat might have allowed other artists to emerge and come forward, but this EP proves that there’s tons of strength and talent in his abilities. I continue to listen to Oredorok on a daily basis because in simple terms, it’s a beautiful set of tracks.

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