ADOY previewed their sound with “Laika” and “Don’t Stop” last year. Now they’ve released their first EP called Catnip. It continues the same “commercial indie” sound that the band goes for, but also adds this smooth, lazy tone that sounds like it’s coming from a radio on the beach. The members might come from different bands and styles, but they combine together in a perfect way.

adoy catnip

I kept thinking that “Grace” was too slow for the start of the EP, but after hearing it a couple times, it gets stuck in your head on how subtle the melodies play out and the vocals attached themselves in your ears. The previously released “Don’t Stop” comes next and I understand the order of the EP. “Grace” is there to attract your attention and then “Don’t Stop” is the hook. I love “Don’t Stop.” It’s the quintessential commercial indie song and I can’t get enough of it. “Runner’s High” sits in between “Grace” and “Don’t Stop.” It slows down the tempo, but still contains excellent melodic hooks.

“I Just Can’t Forget Her” is the one song where I feel the instrumentals overpower the vocals. I think that’s kind of the point because of the effects added to the vocals so they weave under the surface of the instrumentals. I like the song, but it’s the only one that I really couldn’t get into. It feels like a transition song rather than a standalone single. The other songs on Catnip easily fall into this category, but “I Just Can’t Forget Her” sounds more like a background track. Catnip’s final song “San Francisco,” actually sounds like a From The Airport b-side. It reminded me of that sound pretty quickly, but ADOY bring it back to their side in the chorus. Strangely enough, I think the song fits the mood of the city pretty well.

Regardless if ADOY is simply a project band, the members decided on a specific style and are making music firmly entrenched there. I like Catnip a lot because it’s a fun album. The songs are excellent at the forefront and they work just as well as background music. Hopefully this isn’t the only release from ADOY because I feel like a full length would be an instant classic.

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