The Outside of Lands is the latest album from Flowing who previously released two albums in the duo Electricity Flowing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I heard of Flowing’s music before Electricity Flowing, but never connected the name. The Outside of Lands is the singular vision of Flowing who wrote, “recorded, performed, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered” the release. It’s clear that she knew what she wanted to present and went forward to make that happen.

flowing the outside of lands

Electricity Flowing was an electronic duo and Flowing, by herself, continues to use electronic elements in her music, but she’s mixing indie and acoustic styles together with it. It creates an interesting balance because it’s easy to hear the guitars speaking their melodies, but electronic samples play for and against that same tone. What I enjoy the most is that Flowing is able to jump to the style that fits an individual track the best. “A Night With The Light On” mixed acoustic guitar with samples, but “Another Life” is strictly an electronic pop track. She has total control over what she wants to present. I wonder if some of this came from the work in Electricity Flowing.

“My Little Everything” is my favorite track on the EP. It just has this different feeling from other tracks. I don’t consider it to be strictly an electronic pop or indie track. It has more of a synth pop sound. It’s a little more mature and deliberate. The placement as the fourth song also gives it a good space as a way to slow down a bit before the end of the five total tracks. “Not Insignificant” ends The Outside of Lands and closes out the release with an electronic R&B song. It’s like The Outside of Lands starts in a bright place and slowly loses the sunshine. I enjoyed the journey in the way the songs were ordered.

I like Flowing’s vocals a lot. They have depth and warmth. As the EP is the singular vision of Flowing, it’s impressive she’s able to explore different perspectives so carefully. THe Outside of Lands could have gotten overbearing depending on the direction the music went, but she was able to walk a fine line.

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