I am a Foundation Records fanboy. I’ll likely buy anything the label releases. That’s essentially what happened with Unjin and Sunji‘s Present. I took a quick audio preview and then bought the album. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly how to classify the EP. It’s kind of atmospheric with a mix of electronic samples added it. I guess in a way, I could say it sounds like electronic nature.

unjin and sunji present

Start with “Womb.” It sounds like recordings from different places mixed over a slowly moving melodic line. That melody is built up through other samples like muscles over bone. “Womb” is a great name because it does feel like it’s building something. I can’t say that “Womb” has a standard arrangement. It sounds like one long verse that introduces the audio world that you’ve entered by listening. At this point, you’re going to either want to move forward or stop listening because you’ve lost interest. If you continue forward, you’re going to get “Pigs and Dogs.” It has a bit of a more customary electronic setup. There’s a repeating percussion line and different samples that play during verses. What helps Unjin and Sunji stand out is that their music isn’t so focused on samples that only promote electronic sounds, but their music sounds like layering of samples recorded from actual instruments rather than packs.

What I enjoy about the electronic genre is that there’s so much space for each artist to carve out their unique sound. “Dreaming Over The Ulan Buh Desert with Romi” could easily have been a bass-pounding sample-heavy overblown track, but it’s complex in the minimalism. I know there’s probably a lot of samples interacting, but the final product sounds very simple with only a few samples speaking back and forth. Completing Present is “My name is.” It kind of feels like a connector to “Womb.” There’s a repeating three pulse beat that’s not quite a triplet that gives the song a heartbeat. “My name is” sounds like the most “electronic” of all the songs, but still can keep an organic undertone.

Present is going to have its fans and detractors. I think people who will pass on the EP are those that enjoy music that has more noticeable elements. Present is minimalist in conclusion, but complex in every other aspect. It serves as a doorway to a different world that you imagine in your head. I think Unjin and Sunji have created something special. It’s one of those releases that you turn on and sit back with your eyes closed.

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