Released on Bandcamp, RAKENBEAR have released a two song single and a solo single. Listening to their three songs, I understand where the band are trying to go. They want to play hard rock. Over these three songs, RAKENBEAR set the foundations of their individual rock style.

rakenbear silent tribute

“Sensitive Girl” is a decent song. It’s fast tempo and guitar chords don’t even stop. The drums are on equal footing with the guitars which is great so the song doesn’t get lazy. The problem with “Sensitive Girl” is that the vocals have a noticeable echo which distorts the song. I like what I’m hearing, but it’s definitely breaking the immersion of what I should be hearing. “Succubus” is a little better. The slower tempo works in RAKENBEAR’s favor until the chorus. That vocal echo breaks the song. There’s s definite lack of sound dampening.

“Silent Tribute” starts very slow. If I heard this song before “Sensitive Girl,” I would just think they’re going for a 80s rock band sound. Unlike “Sensitive Girl” and “Succubus,” the vocal echo isn’t there. With that, “Silent Tribute” is the best of the three songs.

It sounds like RAKENBEAR has just started so there’s a lot of room for the band to grow. They definitely need to fix that audio problem with the vocal because it just messes everything up with those two songs. I like what I’m hearing and wait to hear more.

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