I found Glam Gould on Bandcamp and only knew that it was some form of electronic music. When I started listening to the three song single, I immediately was sucked in. Wet is an interesting collection of samples and sounds that create amazing audio worlds. The title is a perfect description because Wet does, in fact, feel wet.

glam gould wet

The addictive loop on “Her” is the bass beat that’s accompanied by a synth melody. They speak in parallel, but essentially form the entire song. The grooves that are created find strength in discovering different grooves that repeat. But even with the repetition, “Her” never gets boring. It actually is the opposite, the song builds on itself to provide a great experience.

“Temple of Water” goes into a different direction. It’s a little more organic in the samples. The drums sound like rack toms or timpani instead of a processed tone. The melodies are presented mainly through electronic chirps with mid-level sounds adding some dimension. “Temple of Water” definitely isn’t a simple song as there are so many different samples speaking along with one another. Closing Wet is “Wet Dreams.” It actually reminds me of a remix of Super Mario’s water world. It immediately gives you the feeling like you’re under the ocean and seeing a weird new world. “Wet Dreams” is another perfect track to end the album because it furthers the theme of wet.

Glam Gould definitely has some style. The tracks are expertly arranged and manipulate the tempos and tones across all three songs. There’s already a denseness to these three songs so I wonder how it would be with a full length.

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