12 songs and 12 minutes is how I would introduce Arryam‘s Dance Violence. The other way I would describe their music is fastcore, hardcore, and punk rock. That’s essentially what you’re going to hear on a 12 minute full length. While I can’t make out most of the vocals on Arryam’s songs, I can tell they’re going as fast as possible with an absurd level of precision that borders on straight noise.

arryam dance violence

The shortest song is 20 seconds and the longest is 1:44. So take that as you will. Any punk rock fan will enjoy Arryam because it’s stripped and raw punk rock that doesn’t waste any time. I don’t even know if all the songs have a bridge. They might just go from verse to chorus to the end of the track. What I appreciate is that the consistency of the music while the tracks actually have some variety. If you hate noise, then Arryam is a band you should skip. But given the fact that they’re playing as fast as they are, they’re hitting each verse together and making their points known. “Dance Dance” might be the only song that you can kind of tell what’s going on, but I love how it’s a mixture of fast and “slow” verses.

The four piece consists of a guitar, bass, drums, and vocals so everything is simple. The guitars provide the “melody” with the bass and drums as support for the tempo. The vocals sit in the front, but are difficult to understand. And that’s perfectly fine. Somehow with the recording of the album, Arryam was able to capture everything without anything getting washed out from the recording or mixing. I don’t think there would be any way to improve the recording unless the band actually had a cleaner sound.

I love albums like this. Short and to the point, but still showing an amazing level of talent. Arryam have the chops for the style and a live show is probably insane to watch. Punk rock fans should definitely pick this one up.

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