What sticks out with WeDance is their ability to create all different types of music. It’s experimental in ways, but can also follow musical conventions. I believe that the main strength of WEDANCE is that they make music that speaks to them which then finds the audience it’s meant to have. Produced Unfixed Vol.3 is the result of that pursuit.

wedance produced unfixed vol 3

The main tones of WeDance are guitar combined with different electronic backing tracks mixed with vocals. These three items are the consistent parts of WeDance, but the music is much more varied. It’s difficult to describe what style WeDance would be because it’s not really anything, but can be everything all at once. “Today’s Notebook” to “Live There” is like taking a step from a dance party to an underground lounge. Both styles are excellent and fit moods perfectly, but it’s a little jarring between the two tracks.

WeDance require your full attention. They don’t allow you to take a break with their music and in this recorded form it’s energetic, but a live show must be even more random. I like Produced Unfixed Vol.3 for the reason that it sounds much more random. But I don’t know where to really put my focus on because it’s speaking a lot of different languages from song to song.

Produced Unfixed Vol.3 displays 12 different perspectives and styles. While all connected, they speak different audio languages that will either grab your attention or make you think it’s noise. If you’re tired of standard music where you can understand every verse, WeDance is the way to go.

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